AVR Additional Tools Plug-in Details

AVR Additional Tools is a plug-in for the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 development system used to develop firmware for the AVR microprocessor line.

The AVR Additional Tools plug in allows the user to add any program, folder, or website to the AVR Studio menu allowing quick access to frequently used programs from within the AVR Studio.

The main features of AVR Additional Tools are:

  • Fully integrates with the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 development system for seemless operation
  • Reads and saves additional tool configuration information from file fore ease of use
  • Fully customizable user interface to allow adding, editing, deleting, or rearranging of additional tools
  • Ability to add program executables, folder locations, or websites to the AVR Studio menu allowing quick access to frequently used items

The following picture shows the configuration window of AVR Addtional Tools.

AVR Additional Tools Main Window

This window shows how to add and modify additional tools to the AVR Studio. The top portion of the window is for editing and creating additional tools and the list at the bottom shows the list of tools that are already configured. The tools can also be rearranged by using the buttons on the right of the list.

Pricing, Purchasing, & Upgrading AVR Additional Tools

AVR Additional Tools for Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 can be purchased and downloaded as a InstallShield™ setup file by following the link to AVR Additional Tools in our shop.

Users who purchase AVR Additional Tools will receive all minor upgrades for free as they are released. Minor upgrades are released for bug fixes in the Major Version

Also see our AVR Additional Tools FAQ Page.