AVR Logic Analyzer Plug-In
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the AVR Logic Analyzer?

A. AVR Logic Analyzer is a plug-in for the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 development system for the AVR 8 bit microprocessor line. It records all I/O activity when the simulator stops running and graphs each port versus the cycle counter.

Q. What are the system requirements for AVR Logic Analyzer?

A. AVR Logic Analyzer runs on the Windows™ Operating System and is a plug-in for the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4. It requires AVR Studio version 4.12 or higher to run.

Q. What processors does the AVR Logic Analyzer Support?

A. AVR Logic Analyzer can be used on any processors that the AVR Simulator and AVR Simulator 2 support.

Q. Can I see what I/O ports have changed while a program is running in the simulator?

A. AVR Logic Analyzer can only record activity when the program has been stopped so it will record when the program is single stepped (step over, step into, step out of), auto stepped (at the end of each step), and when a running program has been broken, stopped or hit a break point.

Q. Can I change the colors of the graphs?

A. All items of the AVR Logic Analyzer can be changed including the Background, Grid, Text and Graphed values.

Q. What if a port is setup as an input?

A. The AVR Logic Analyzer reads the port values as well as the data direction register values at each stopping point in a debugging program. When the AVR Logic Analyzer graphs the data, it will display each pin configured as an input using a different color indicating that the port is configured as an input. It will still display high/low transitions on that port.

Q. If I change a processor for a project do I have to reconfigure anything in the AVR Logic Analyzer to let it know what ports are valid?

A. Anytime a project is created or a processor has been changed in the simulator, the AVR Logic Analyzer will re-read the processors information and automatically make the correct ports available in the plug-in.

Q. Do I have to setup the AVR Logic Analyzer each time I debug the program?

A. The AVR Logic Analyzer stores its settings in the AVR Studio's Project file. Each time you change the options or ports that are configured to display, the plug-in will store the information and it will be saved when the project is saved (usually upon closing the project file). When the project is reopened, the settings will be re-read and available from the last time they were used.