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Matrix Video Player (MVP)

MVP plays multiple multimedia video files simultaneously in a matrix format.


  • Play multiple video files simultaneously
  • Simultaneous control of all videos
  • Play in full screen
  • Drag and Drop to open files
  • Mute/Unmute all or individual videos
  • Open the same video multiple times

For more details on Matrix Video Player and download details, see the Matrix Video Player product page.


StockTools is a suite of calculators used to enable quicker and more accurate stock trades.


There are 6 different programs that comprise StockTools. Each of these tools are designed to assist in calculating a different aspect of a stock trade:

  • ToolLauncher
  • QuickCostAverage
  • QuickGain
  • QuickPercent
  • QuickShares
  • QuickSellPrice
  • For more details on StockTools and each of the programs that comprise it, see the StockTools product page