AVR Logic Analyzer


AVR Logic Analyzer is a plugin for the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 development system for the AVR microprocessor line.

The AVR Logic Analyzer displays the IO ports for the simulated processor in a graphical manner. It will record the values of the all the ports and allow the user to select which of the ports to be displayed in the graph.

The Main features of the AVR Logic Analyzer are:

  • Fully integrates with the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 for seamless operation
  • Reads available port configuration based on selected processor defined in the open Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 project
  • The AVR Logic Analyzer window can be floating or docked in any of the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 windows
  • Gives the user the option to read values from right to left or left to right (newest values on the left or right) for ease of use
  • Stores a configurable number of port values for each port on the defined processor
  • Displays from 2 to 40 port values for each selected port based on user settings
  • Scroll through historical data up to 32,000 stored values per port
  • Quickly turn on or off the display of a single port (i.e. PB3) or a group of ports (i.e. PORTB) for quick configuration of the Logic Analyzer
  • Allows the user to select different colors for a port state of on and off
  • Display the port states in a different color if the port is setup to be an input as masked by the Data Direction Register (DDR)
  • Saves options in the Atmel™ AVR Studio 4 project file for processor based settings

  • Model: 1.1
  • Manufactured by: Coyne Technology Systems

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